We have a wide variety of dishes which standout as the center attraction. None of our dishes are side dishes because they all have the flavour and personality to be a showpiece. We have special dishes which are made dependent on the season ingredients while there are dishes you can eat all year long.

These are some of the beautiful eastern dishes you can find on our menu:

Satay Ayam & Satay Kambing

There are a lot of different satays to enjoy when touring the Orient and especially the South of Asia but nothing quite compares to the Indonesian Satay. We have many different varieties of satays at our restaurant but the mainstay of our cuisine is the Satay Ayam & the Satay Kambing - which in English, means chicken and goat Satay.

We use the freshest ingredients of marinated meats in sweet spy sauce and other secret ingredients before it is carefully skewered. Unlike other satays, ours is what is known as "man fire food" because it is grilled under a wood fire which leaves the meats tender and juicy. To make an order for your satays, please see here.

Ayam Bakar Taliwang

This special dish is so good, you just might make it your favourite dish at our restaurant. Unlike other restaurants, we pride ourselves in the freshness of our ingredients making sure not to use items that have preservatives inside. We use healthy spring chickens to prepare this dish and although the chicken size is small, you can rest assured they have not been grown in a controlled environment.

Ayam Bakar Taliwang also known as "Grilled Chicken", is a signature dish from the people of Lombok loved by the Indonesian people for its spicy flavour. To order yours today please see here.


This is a mixed goody bag filled with lots of treats and pleasant surprises. It is a potpourri of fishes and meats including tofu and smothered in a healthy flavourful herb mixture. The whole assortment is wrapped in a banana leaf and left to simmer under the grill or steamer.

This bundle of deliciousness traces its roots from the West of Java and is prepared in a myriad ways with different ingredients used such as; shallots, candlenut, turmeric, basil, mushrooms and basil leaf. All these ingredients create an explosion of flavour which adds to the experience of the meal. To order your Pepes fresh from the kitchen please see here. Ordered by the staff at Royal Panda casino The response from the staff is always the same every month. It's Amazing.

Soto Betawi

No Indonesian menu is ever complete without Jakarta soup also known by its traditional name Soto Betawi. This is a soup of the Betawi people of Indonesia and we have brought it right at the heart of the city for you to enjoy. Ingredients for this soup include carefully cut selections of choice beef, lemongrass, galangal, shallots, and a combo of cow and coconut milk. Soto Betawi can be eaten as a single dish or with a plate of rice and shallots on the side.

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