Orders & Catering Service

At our restaurant, we understand you can be too busy to come in for a hot delicious meal. In all, we all can get so busy with work and play that we find it difficult to stop for some food. This is why at Basko, we have an excellent order service to ensure no matter how busy your day might be, you never go hungry.

We have a delivery system that ensures you get your meals at the exact time you want it. You can make use of the website to see dishes which are available for your order.

All ordered items come with extra packaging to ensure the heat and freshness is retained in the food.

Because we are a highly coveted restaurant with a limited amount of tables, it is best for you and for us to give us considerable notice in advance should you decide to cancel your meal or amend your reservation. All orders are to be placed at least 3 hours before the delivery time so we can properly prepare your dish. We use fresh ingredients and because of this we need the time to get the meals ready. If you wish to amend your order time in order to carry out other activities please use the info box here and let us know on time.


We are also involved in organizing parties and other social events. We ensure you and your guests get the highest culinary standards. This is courtesy of our quality service and attention to detail from our highly professional catering team who can take charge of your events bordering from six to sixty guests. We ensure that meals catered for are tailored in accordance with the needs of each and every guest at by our occasion.

We provide a comprehensive catering service with full complement of assorted and tasty Indonesian meals including signature dishes that will leave your guests asking for more. At our restaurant, we believe in giving our customers full value for their money and you can be sure our services will leave you satisfied. To request for our catering services, please contact us here.