Excellent value for affordable price

We selected three dishes which included the Satays and Ayam Bakar Taliwang. The food was extremely delicious, very tasty and filling. For the price of £12 per person the experience was an absolute blast and we would definitely be inviting other friends along when we come next time.

Janet Stevens

Simply Sensational

My children are not exactly fans of savoury foods but me and the wife decided to take a risk and bring them to this establishment. From our first step into the door, the hostesses were gracious and every request was granted. The children enjoyed the food (which is a first!) and the time we spent was truly memorable. This restaurant deserves full marks.

Samson Crowe

Healthy Meals You Cannot Resist

I usually do not like to visit restaurants most especially the Asian restaurants because of my allergies and the use of coconut milk in many traditional meals. I was invited by a friend to try out this restaurant and I decided to take the gamble. Well, I am glad I did!

The kitchen staff graciously substituted coconut milk for my meal and the food was absolutely delicious. My friend tried my plate and exclaimed it tasted exactly like his. I am glad to see a restaurant that is so invested in the comfort of their customers and I thank them for the experience.

Jessica Y.

Quick and Delicious

The food was great. Service was excellent. Would give it another go!

Richard Myers