Because we give you the freshest and healthiest foods from Asia right at the comfort of the city. Indonesian foods are renowned for their tastiness and vibrant flavors but this is because the cuisine is totally founded on the use of fresh spice and herb. When you take a look at our menu, you can feel the freshness of the aroma wafting through your nostrils. That is the strength of Indonesian cuisine.

At our restaurant, we make use of ancient recipes and techniques that are carefully passed down from generation to generation, ensuring the integrity of our flavours are preserved and maintained from the times past till today.

The freshness of our foods and quality of the ingredients sourced from local markets ensures your excitement in each and very bite. It is trite that Indonesian foods are incredibly delicious and that is why we take our skills to prepare exquisite meals that delight your senses. Our restaurant is capable of holding 100 guests so you can feel free to come and enjoy our meals with your loved ones or family. For the tupical foodie, Indonesian cuisine is the best way to make an entry into the delights of the East but we will not be surprised if you stay hooked to our beautiful cultural dishes for a lifetime.

We have wonderful staff who are eager to give you an unforgettable experience and you can feel the warmth and happiness coming from within when you walk through the door. We are extremely careful about the way we prepare our meals and we make sure every aspect of the restaurant is spotlessly clean in accordance to the highest levels of hygiene. We also make sure to cater for people with allergies and replace ingredients that could be harmful to their health.

Indonesia has more than fifty different dishes and we prepare each and every one of them. We prepare our meals with different techniques to make sure each item on the plate is highlighted as the showpiece. Come and try out our dishes today. You will be glad you did.